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<> Do not abide fear (it is nothing).                           <> Strive to behave with integrity!

<> Do the best you can because time moves on!       <> Love those you know & care about ALL People.

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Welcome to kjh-es.com


Announcement:  May 19, 2017 10:25 pm EST (51917 + some more):  OK I'm deleting all links that no longer work.  I may not get them all, but I'll be back.  This site has a history. 

Hope is free, Remedy can be, and Peace is what we need.

Introduction - This is a website where the ideas are flowing so "listen" please, if there is anything at this site, that you don't like or care for (such as the math-talk or even the philosophical ramblings) or even agree with, then I encourage you to skip around and see if there are other parts that you do appreciate.  Anyhow, its obviously up to you, but I'm glad you are here and no harm done between you and I because you can always just skip along if you choose!

I love the word "kindergarden":  "A Kind Garden" for little children to learn - don't you think?

I hope better times are on the way, but I don't know (nobody knows the future...) - "human fusion" is what the future could be.  It means individuals choosing to cooperate for the benefit of everyone.  It can "take on a life of its own" ---- exponentially; and I know that I want "the cooperative Spirit" to grow rapidly.  This Spirit is desperately needed now perhaps moreso than ever.  We can choose to work for ourselves & each other.  We can help each other out.  Some will provide the food.  Some will provide goods.  Some will enable other services.  Everyone will bring something to the table and everything ought to be on the table for the good of us all.  Lets do it...

...of course, we could just keep doing what we've been doing for oh so long, but that seems to me to be a dead end for us all.

A simple math relationship (10/7/08, 10:33 am EST):

What is the "number" x, where 1/x = x/10^n  (or to make it simpler 10n = x2),

where, "n" is a , non-zero, whole number (etc. -3, -2, -1, 1, 2, 3, etc.). 

I encourage you to observe the reciprocal of this "number" discussed just above as well as how the decimal place (and only the decimal place) shifts depending on n.  I have a poem about this relationship on the "who heard the who" page.

It is Sunday June 29th 2008 or so they say around these hearn parts.  Anyhow, here is my funky rambling "thought experiment" of the day (Note:  edited on 6/30/08): 

Take a straight line inside of a circle.  Rotate the line on an axis located at the center of the circle in a fixed two-dimensional plane (think of a clock).  How many positions are there to orient the line?  Now I think I know the answer and it depends on many things.  If the line is infinitely thin then there are obviously infinite orientations I suppose.  If the line has "uniform" thickness, then it depends on whether it is permitted to overlap amongst the orientations.  If not, then the number of orientations is finite and depends upon the line's thickness.   If it is allowed to overlap in orientations, then it gets more complicated depending on the "overlapping restrictions".  Now does anyone here believe that infinitely thin lines or even lines with uniform thickness exist?  I do, but I know that they are imaginary - they only exist in my mind and I don't "see" (sensehow this could be any different for anyone else.  [TANGENT:  An infinitely thin line would be like a clipped "zero" (0) that was then bent and stretched into a line.  But, I think zero is also imaginary as is infinity.  Infinity might be but how could this ever be proven (all the data will never be in!!!).  Same with zero in a way - perhaps it might have been per one definition, but we will never know - how could we.  You can't go back in time, and even if you could, it won't be the same as it was - now will it?].

Zero and infinity are not that "big a deal", but if you are not careful and "play around" with these concepts (mathamatically and otherwise) without understanding them it can lead to unforseen and totally unexpected consequences.  (text deleted).

Bonus - write a short one page paper discussing an informative factor that can be derived from the following terms:  speed, energy, mass.  The factor I have in mind would be an excellent "objective" indicator of transportation attributes (how "speedy", for how much energy, for a given weight of occupants, to travel a defined distance).  In general, the value for a train will be much different than a plane, a car, or a bus.  The value for individual trains will usually be closer but will still vary (same for planes and other types of transportation). 

Here is my take on it.  The value for cars "sucks" (unworthy) BIG TIME - what a waste of material and fuel the cars are and how they keep us separated from our neighbors.  Likewise, planes are also shamefully wasteful.  If you need to go somewhere fast, the option could be there, but the price should be recompense.  If you don't need to go real fast, it is usually much much more efficient (use way less energy for a given set of occupants to cover a given distance) to just take it slow and easy....you will get to your destination.   Plus consider this - its so much easier (and safer) to do things in a vehicle when you are NOT driving.  Hey get some work done while traveling if you want to....or just look out the window.....or maybe close your eyes and dream a bit.....whats the rush? 


By the way, please remember that no-body is forcing any-body to do any thing.  Its free. 


Peace, Ken.


How about this:

 "The game of ideas" 

The ideas that are good for all of US emerge, take hold, & prevail...No ideas are forced on anyone and it is all done... 

 By choice of the People - ALL of the People

For the GOOD of everyone everywhere......All of US...All of humanity....


NOTE from website developer (ME):

Hey U R at this website so U either: (1) Made a mistake; or (2) R curious.

If U made a mistake, no harm done between U and Φ

If U R curious, please look around.

(U - You; R - Are; Φ - I, or maybe "eye", or as Scotty would say: "Aye Captain")

about me (edited and may be again, but here is the latest):  My life so far has been blessed in many ways.  I am thankful.  I grew up in Buffalo, N.Y. a good catholic boy who didn't even know it was cold.  I still remember my friends from that time.  I moved to Charlotte, N.C. when I was 12, and except for a few years after college, I've lived in North Carolina ever since.  In 2007, I gave up my old steady job and have since been striving for something better that I know can be because I can sense it.  So there you have it.  The scoop on me. 

Hey its 7/3, 12:23 pm (the day before the 232 anniversery of some document signing...).  Anyhow, here is my thought for the dayIt is good to be lucky, but better to be good.  Here is a saying I don't care for:  "better lucky than good" - you ever heard something so stupido?  Lucky doesn't make happy & lucky don't no nothing bout good.


Prediction:  If we choose to work together, on so many levels, likelihood of things getting better: ~100%. 

How could it be else-wise?

...and lets not forget about imagination either.  Imagine the possibilities....

It is time to start making amends in oh so many ways.  "Good faith" talks at the table followed by "actions of remedy" are imperative to end current conflict, prevent future conficts, and avoid pointless ongoing suffering of innocence.  We need humane, honest, and humble leaders who strive for justice and fairness in the interest of the People.  ALL People everywhere.  We are ALL connected.  We are ALL related.

We need humane leaders who are NOT in the pockets of a few and who know their leadership is vested and will only last as long as they remain humane.  There is no power in "ill-gotten gains"....only a gnashing of the teeth and a dwindling of the mind.  Those who hoard will know no joy.  Those who deceive are only fooling themselves.   

Are you not tired of seemingly perpetual confict?  I am, and I am ready for something better.  We need an honest recognition of history and then a genuine striving for a peaceful future.  I know where my allegiances lie.  I also know that there are many of us working towards restoration of balance -

Shalom...Salam...Peace.  We are all connected more closely nowadays in so many ways.  Don't you think?


The times they are a changing -- BIG Time......Do you want to be free?  Do you want liberty?    Remedy is a calling. 

What will it be for U?


Mesage to all: Be inwit.Be INWIT !!!!!!

To me, the meaning of inwit can get lost in the words, but I think it is an attempt to make a "call for inward knowledge" -- or maybe, you could say "a call for conscience" or even more simply "a call for better behavior".  We should all be able to understand this "multi-level" call for improved and improving relationships.

Check em out - Two "inwit" links:





These days there seems to be so much damn posturing and pretense.  Women are being killed for nothing more than expressing their beauty.  Babies are dying so that cars can keep driving.  People are hungry and homeless while a few hoard so much.  Its a sick-sick-sick, upside-down, twisted-and-bound pyramid scheme.  It cannot go on.  So many thieves of choice.  So much hate.  So much unconscionable behavior.  I sense a great pool of mixed nothingness where no individual remains awaiting those who perpetuate suffering of innocence.  Are you  pushing your will for selfish ends?  How can anyone think they are superior?  The babies born and yet to be are demanding justice.

Is it not obvious?  Karma remembers and Karma responds.

Better to be humble.  Better to be meek (in a way).  Better to share and to help others.  Better to be amongst those where love has infinite value and money is of no import.  Better to care for each other.  Better to work together for the benefit of all.  Better without usury - better really.

Can't we reclaim joy, peace and harmony based on individual equality and dignity and collective cooperation?  There is plenty to go around.  Enough for everyone.  If you have more than your fair share, it will only weigh you down.   Open your eyes, your ears, your nostrils, your mouth, and your feelings.  Be sensible and let go of ego and fear.

I think stronger forces are coming into play and these forces have reverence for innocence and reverence for life.  These forces will work together and grow stronger day-by-day.  These forces want love and peace.  These forces understand.  These forces are connected, determined, persistent, and will not be denied.  These forces will prevail because in the long run life favors cooperation.  

Awaken.  Awaken.  Awaken...before it is too late....

The sea is alive and the sea senses.  The planet is alive and has been offended by a few who refuse to learn.  Those who push war and fear will reap what they sow. Life goes on with or without humanity. Peace is on the way. Peace and Harmony for Life. So much better if done together. So much better if done together.

 Welcome Again...

Thought about Artistry... does it not seem as if creativity & "destruction" are very closely related.  When something is "destroyed" (i prefer the word "changed"), something else is created (often many things are created).  Can you really have one without the other?  I don't think so, but I can imagine that "collectively" creativity can predominate so that in essence nothing but nothing is "truly" destroyed.  Wouldn't this be awesome?  Of course, things are always changing.....

"smits it" is about a fellow named "t-schmitt" who had a mit with an it in it.  

I'm sorry to report that I have deleted most of this bit, but let me leave you with this tidbit:

So many its all about, round & round, up & down, inside out, left-n-right, day and night, in the mit, fit to wit, spit-by-slit, bit-by-bit, so on, so forth.  So many its - its just awesome.  I got some its in my mit, don't we all....i kind of wanta share em, but i don't wanta force em, so i ain't gonna....cause then, i'd have to take out some of my own its......and that aint in-wit.....BUT, I won't be a hermit, so I plan on being around, and about, and doing this and that.  Regardless, lets all just be inwit for the sake of us all ----- sapian sapien, oh homo sapien.....cause don't forget --- We are here now so we fit just as long as we are mutual...don't you think smit?

This is a test.
Want to see if the text below that I thought would be here is still there after I put this in... 
OK - that is fine.  Today is August 14, 2016.  Wow - its been awhile.
Regardless, this site remains, but many of the others I once authored seem to be gone forever at least publically.  Thats a shame, but not a surprise.  At some point I may come back here and try to do on update an which sites are still available (some of which may not even be mentioned here at kjh-es.com at the present moment of 81416....3:03 pm EST.  The other thing I definitely plan on doing though is publishing either here or somewhere else anything that I had previously published, but which is no longer, that I think was of value.  Per my current mindset, being that I am now about to be 51, is that it ALL is of value.  And what is the harm in publishing honest passion!
OK - just for fun, here is a site that is still around:  http://www.peoplesproclamation.net/    - um, you may need to type it in... 

If you are interested, please check out some of my other sites briefly described below:

You know, the internet is an awesome web of communication.  Once People fully recognize how easily we can communicate directly and honestly in this day and age, then the People's will will manifest better than ever before - seems that way to me.....we need to work together collectively.  Time is of the essence.

Note:  (3/27/10) - With a bit of a heavy heart I've decided that I need to scale back on the sites listed below.....I may add some again in the future.

With another heavy heart but also a resolute one I'm deleting the links below because all but one no longer go anywhere - May 19, 2017 - 51917 and it is now 10:32 pm EST. 

Peace, Ken. 

The peoples proclamation site has a sister as follows: 

http://www.peoplesproclamation.net/ - not sure if this one is working or not, but it may be. I just paid an overdue renewal - 51917 10:33 pm.  (I'm fast when I need to be).

(OK - here is a link that should still work on this day of May 17, 2017 ------um 51717 ---- this is a serious link about shapes and is only meant for adults.  http://www.carbon-tax.us/

 I would obviously prefer if you could just click on the link, but I'm not sure if it will work that way.  Type it in if you can get that far.  By the way, on this important day, of May 17, 2017, the day I got my delivery, I will tell you that most if not all of the links other than the one I just posted, are kaput.  No matter - the concepts have been release and the story below remains.  It always will and there is truly nothing (not a dam thing) you can do about it.  So - its harmless.  That my friend is the beauty of it.  A small tidbit to try to reflect the beauty of the shapes discussed on the link above.  "carbon.tax.us".  POSTED. 

After I turned 40 years old, I thought to myself, I'm done with business as usual and I'm just going to try to be the change I want in the world.  This is a simple concept but not easily done unless one is willing to change.

sometimes...changing something just a little bit can make a big difference....i hope so.

I think a fuller mindset of cooperation must be established so that the future will only be better.  If we can cooperate instead of always competing, then the only limits there will be is what we can imagine collectively.  This can be a magnificent time of renewal if we make it so.....

52810:  Soon, I am going to be 45, and I cannot deny that the past 5 years have been turbulent for me.  I think this all started with an utter disgust I felt in the direction "my country" was heading and a compelling need inside to abandon the status quo and "do something about it".  So, I gave up my steady job and applied myself with gusto.  I've tried to be true to myself and to share my sentiment, but I'm honestly not sure if this has made a difference.  Sometimes, I've been told, my social skills are lacking.  Now, here I am, feeling sad again (boo-hoo) and wondering what direction to head........I've learned this over the past five years:  I need companionship.   Plus, I think I'm done "screaming in the wind" because frankly "what good has it done for me?".  I hope that perhaps my voice was "picked up" for good cause, but I don't really know.  I reckon I'm feeling a bit alone just now and I don't want to be this way anymore.  Like I said, I need companionship - I need good fellowship.  Don't we all?

62512: Soon, I am going to be 47, and now for the past 20 months I have been working a steady job.  Said that I was gonna do this and after 5 turbulent years (discussed above) this has been necessary.  But I wonder - has anything changed?  Not really.  The reasons for the disgust I felt so strongly 7 years ago have not changed, but I have changed because now I have a steady job.  I've been doing my duty for my family, but the thing is nothing has really changed......and deep down I think I know what this means for the future.  I'm just not ready yet to get into the details.  How bout a little story instead for the time being.  Stay tuned.  I'm still around.....just laying low for now.

"Story at bottom of page" 

In a time and place no longer remembered except in lore, there lived a tribe of 60 or so....Next to the river was their home.  The People went about their days...sustaining & loving; always ready to play.  The times were good, imagination was free.

And then, a young boy imagined a new game, a game he called "hand slappin".  He told no-one of his imagination, but kept to himself.  He practiced religiously -- alone by the river; strengthening his hand.  His right hand mind ya.  Oh, how strong his hand became.  The boy decided - I am ready.  I will share "my idea". 

He called to the other boys and described the game.  There was only one rule - Use your right hand.  The other boys were game, but one after another, the strong right-handed boy made them lame....they looked up in awe.....

But then a smaller boy emerged.  His right-hand was OK, but oh, his left hand, was something else.  He refused to join the other young boys.  The right-handed boy said "that ain't right".  You HAVE to play my game. The left-handed boy responded: says who?  I refuse.

The right-handed boy attacked.  Viciously, like nothing seen before.  I will force you to play he screamed as he charged.  But then, the left-handed boy defended with a blow so swift none could see.  The aim was true and the fist hit.  The right-handed boy fell to the ground, rolled around, and befuddled himself.  In a pile of pain, full of disdain, he was left in shame.

All stood and gazed: "what has happened here".  He was so strong.  How could this be.  The small boy stood in place, he looked around with contorted face.  He did not know he could strike such a blow.  No matter though, as he walked away.  He looked back and had this to say:  Any slappin game where you cannot use both hands is a game to rebuff I ain't going to play that kind of game he thunk to himself as he wandered off...off to be with his family in peace and harmony.....

Hey - "navy" ken here one time possible sub commander - could a been - what and who i suppose will never know......but anyhow, the above is maybe about history - i authored it.  The time is now, don't u think so?  I do.  But as I said above "time moves on" so if you ask me about tomorrow i can give you my opinion, but i don't know.  How could any-one?